1-7-1           COUNTY OFFICIALS‘ SALARIES.  Subject to the provisions of this Section, the annual salaries of the following Union County elected officials are established and are to be effective on December 1st of the next preceding year:

2010             2011             2012        2013

Circuit Clerk                                              54,000          54,000          54,000     54,000

County Clerk                                            54,000          54,000          54,000     54,000

County Commissioner                                  8,000            8,000            8,000       8,000

Coroner                                                      N/A

County Sheriff                                          56,247.30     56,247.30     56,247.30 56,247.30

State’s Attorney                       (Set by State Statute)

County Treasurer                                      54,000          54,000          54,000     54,000

(Res. No. 2010-12; 05-17-10)

           1-7-2              ELECTION JUDGE SALARIES.  The compensation of Judges of Election is hereby set at Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00) per election.  However, the compensation of Judges of Election having successfully completed a training course administered by the County Clerk within the last two (2) years is set at One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per election.  The County Clerk may adopt uniform rules of compensating Judges of Election for such additional duties as receiving and returning ballots and supplies, and reimburse mileage of personal vehicles for such duties.  (10 ILCS 5/13-10)  (E 06-27-06)

            1-7-3              HOLIDAYS ESTABLISHED.  The following listed holidays as set forth in the statutes and others granted by the County Commissioners be and they are listed below for the 2010 calendar year:

           Holiday                                  Day

New Year’s Day                 Friday (Observed)

Martin Luther King Birthday   Monday

Lincoln’s Birthday                Friday (Observed)

Washington’s Birthday          Monday (Observed)

Good Friday                       Friday

Memorial Day                     Monday (Observed)

Independence Day              Monday

Labor Day                         Monday

Columbus Day                    Monday (Observed)

Veteran’s Day                    Friday

Thanksgiving Day               Thursday

Day after Thanksgiving        Friday

Christmas Day                             Monday (Observed)

(Ord. No. 2010-26; 11-30-10)