4-2-19        ENTRY INTO MERIT SYSTEM.  The rank of Deputy Sheriff is the sole point of entry into the Departmental Merit System.

        4-2-20        APPOINTMENT TO THE DEPARTMENT.  Applicants for the appointment as Deputy Sheriff to the Sheriff’s Department, in addition to meeting standards prescribed by the Illinois Compiled Statutes concerning Deputy Sheriff, must:

        (A)               Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time the person’s application is received by the Commission.  A birth certificate shall be furnished, if requested by the Commission.  The Commission takes the position that the physical dexterity required of a Deputy Sheriff is reasonably related to age and will most likely be possessed by an employee in that age range, thus resulting in better job performance and fewer injuries to Deputy Sheriffs;

        (B)               Be a high school graduate or have a certificate of equivalency;

        (C)               Be no less than 5’6” and no more than 6’6” in height if a male, and no less than 5’1” and no more than 5’11” in height if a female.

        (D)               Have weight in proportionate to height;

        (E)               Possess a valid Illinois Driver’s License at the time of written application;

        (F)                Pass a physical examination by a physician acceptable to the Merit Commission, and, in addition:

                (1)     Eye test, 20/30 with corrective lenses;

                (2)     Meet such other mental, medical and physical standards as may be prescribed from time to time by the Commission.  Any physical examination shall be paid for by the applicant.

        (G)               Be acceptable to the Commission following an investigation of background, reputation and character;

        (H)               Be acceptable to the Commission after oral interview;

        (I)                Be adjudged as qualified by the Commission and placed on a list of qualified applicants;

        (J)               Be appointed from the qualified list, by the Sheriff when a vacancy or vacancies exist;

        (K)               Serve successfully a one (1) year probationary period, during which time he is subject to removal by the Sheriff, at will.  The Commission shall be notified by the Sheriff in writing of the cause or causes of removal;

        (L)               Be a resident of the State of Illinoisfor one (1) year, and the County of Union for thirty (30) days; proof of residency is required;

        (M)              Furnish a copy of military service discharge, draft status and/or lottery number.  If necessary, sign a release for any information the Commission may request from applicant’s military file;

        (N)               Pass a pre-employment polygraph test, if requested;

        (O)              Agree to attend an approved course or courses for law enforcement officers, as may be required by statute or by the Sheriff, and graduate from such course or courses.

        4-2-21        OTHER CONSIDERATION BY COMMISSION.  In considering applicants, the Merit Commission:

        (A)               May give preference to persons who have honorably served in the military or naval services of theUnited States.

        (B)               May certify for appointment as a Deputy Sheriff more persons than there are vacancies to be filled at the time of such certification.  In such cases, the Sheriff may initially select from this group those to fill the existing vacancies and shall, from date of certification, as additional vacancies occur, appoint others from the remaining group;

        (C)               Is authorized to waive one or more of the requirements set forth herein for applicants who have served in and been honorably discharged from any branch of the military service, or who have served with another Sheriff’s Department, a police department, or any other law enforcement agency;

        (D)               Shall not consider an applicant’s political affiliation, race, sex, or religion.

        4-2-22        APPOINTMENT OF PROCEDURE.  The responsibilities of the Merit Commission include:

        (A)               Preparing and posting prominently a list of all qualified candidates at the completion of each entry screening process.  These lists will be maintained for two (2) years or until the list is exhausted, whichever comes first.  Tests will be held as may be necessary with a qualified candidate able to retain his or her status on said qualified list by advising the Merit Commission of his or her intent to do so.

        (B)               Notifying all qualified candidates of their acceptability and that they are being placed on the qualified list.

        (C)               Within fifteen (15) days, any qualified candidate who declines to accept an appointment will be replaced for said appointment by another qualified candidate.  A refusal to accept an appointment does not constitute grounds for removal from the qualified list.

        4-2-23        RETAINING PRESENT DEPUTY SHERIFFS UNDER MERIT SYSTEM.  All presently employed Deputy Sheriffs shall have full status under the Union County Code creating the Merit Commission, as amended, who have successfully attended an approved course of instruction in law enforcement duties, or do so within twelve (12) months of the effective date of said Code or within that period pass a qualifying examination administered by the Merit Commission.  The approved course of instruction is the basic police training course certified by the Illinois Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Board.

        4-2-24        FULL TIME SERVICE.  Deputy Sheriffs who work at least thirty-five (35) hours per week on a regular basis shall be considered full time employees under the Union County Code creating the Merit Commission.

        4-2-25  –  4-2-26  RESERVED.