4-2-46        LAYOFFS OR REDUCTIONS IN RANK DUE TO FINANCIAL EMERGENCIES.  In cases of financial emergencies in the Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriff shall lay off deputies to rectify such emergency after taking into account employee competence and seniority, subject to appeal to the Merit Commission.  The Merit Commission shall make final and binding decisions in cases of appeals.

          4-2-47        AUTHORIZATION FOR EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY APPOINTMENTS.  If an emergency exists, the Sheriff may make temporary appointments not to exceed sixty (60) days when necessary and if funds are available, with such actions to be reported to the Merit Commission and the appointment to be made when practicable from lists of eligibles maintained by the Merit Commission.

          4-2-48        POLICY STATEMENT.  Because it recognizes the importance of good health and good physical condition to the performance of duties and to the avoidance of injury by deputy personnel, the Merit Commission encourages all deputy personnel to maintain good physical condition by a regimen of exercise and/or other means.

(Generally See 55 ILCS 5/3-8001 to 5/3-8017)