4-2-27        PROMOTION.  To be eligible for promotion to a higher position, a candidate:

        (A)               Must have served successfully as a Deputy Sheriff for a period of not less than one (1) year.

        (B)               At the time of examination for promotion, must not be in any of the following categories:

                (1)     under suspension;

                (2)     on leave of absence, except for military service; or

                (3)     on inactive duty due to disability.

        (C)               Must possess above average performance evaluations for the previous year.

        (D)               Must be found to be in acceptable physical condition after a thorough medical examination, which examination shall be paid for by the County.

After meeting these minimal standards, the candidate:

                (1)     Must file a formal application with the Commission;

                (2)     Take and successfully pass any written, oral, or physical promotional examination for the appropriate rank and position offered by the Commission;

                (3)     Be adjudged to be qualified and placed upon a list of qualified applicants by the Commission;

                (4)     Be selected from the qualified list and appointed to the appropriate position and rank by the Sheriff when a vacancy or vacancies exist;

                (5)     Serve successfully a probationary period of one (1) year during which time he is subject to be returned to his tenured rank by the Sheriff after written notification of cause is filed with the Commission.

        4-2-28        CERTIFICATION OF TENURE.  After successfully completing the above promotional procedure, the employee shall be certified as tenured at the appropriate position and rank by the Commission.

        4-2-29        LISTS OF QUALIFIED.  Lists of qualified shall be prepared and prominently posted at the completion of each promotional screening by the Commission.  These lists shall group the qualified persons.  Such lists shall remain in force for two (2) years or until exhausted, whichever is shorter.

        4-2-30        RESERVED.