4-2-35        VIOLATION OF RULES.  Any member of the Sheriff’s Department who shall be found guilty of violating any of the rules and regulations hereinafter set forth shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Sheriff and the Merit Commission.

        4-2-36        SPECIFIC RULES.  No member of the Sheriff’s Department who is under the jurisdiction of the Merit Commission shall:

        (A)               Violate any law or statute of theUnited Statesor this State.

        (B)               Violate any county or municipal ordinance.

        (C)               Violate any general orders, special orders, or rules and regulations of the Sheriff’s Department which are not inconsistent with these Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

        (D)               Fail to obey a lawful order.

        (E)               Be insubordinate to or show disrespect for a superior officer.

        (F)                Mistreat a subordinate.

        (G)               Neglect to perform his duties efficiently and effectively.

        (H)               Engage in any conduct unbecoming to a member of the Department or which tends to reflect discredit upon the Department.

        (I)                Leave his assignment without permission or without being properly relieved, or be absent from duty without leave or appropriate permission.

        (J)                Willfully destroy or damage any Department property or use such property without authority.

        (K)               Receive, solicit or attempt to solicit money or anything of value for performing or failing to perform any assigned duty.

        (L)               Disseminate or release information concerning essential police matters except where properly authorized to do so.

        4-2-37        POLITICAL ACTIVITIES.

        (A)               A Deputy Sheriff may be discharged for participation while on duty during regular or special working hours in any of the following acts:

                (1)     Participating in the organization of any political meeting;

                (2)     Soliciting money from any person for any political purpose;

                (3)     Selling or distributing tickets for political meetings;

                (4)     Assisting at the polls in behalf of any party or party-designated candidate on any election day;

                (5)     Using or threatening to use the influence or authority of his position to coerce or to persuade any person to follow any course of political action;

                (6)     Initiating or circulating any petitions on behalf of a candidate or in support of a political issue;

                (7)     Making contributions of money in behalf of any candidate for office or any public or political issue;

                (8)     Distributing campaign literature or material in behalf of any candidate.

        (B)               A Deputy Sheriff may, while off duty, while not in uniform, and on a voluntary basis, participate in any of the following activities:

                (1)     Vote as he chooses;

                (2)     Express his individual opinion on political subjects and candidates;

                (3)     Engage in partisan political management or campaigning;

                (4)     Make speeches, write on behalf of a candidate or solicit voters to support or oppose a candidate;

                (5)     Attend a political meeting or rally, including committee meetings of political organizations, and serve on a committee which organizes or directs activities at a partisan campaign meeting or rally;

                (6)     Sign nominating petitions for a candidate in a partisan election for public office and originate or circulate such petitions;

                (7)     Drive voters to the polls;

                (8)     Make financial contributions to a political party or organization;

                (9)     Solicit and collect voluntary political contributions.

The use of county-owned vehicles, equipment or supplies in connection with such permitted activities is forbidden and will constitute grounds for discharge.

        (C)               A Deputy Sheriff may be appointed a Deputy Sheriff while holding a public office or may accept appointment to fill a vacancy in an elective office while concurrently serving as a Deputy Sheriff where no conflict of interest exists.

        (D)               No Deputy Sheriff shall be required, as a condition of his employment or tenure, to work or make contributions in behalf of any political party or candidate for political office.

        4-2-38        LABOR DISPUTES.  A Deputy Sheriff shall be subject to discharge who shall participate in, or encourage others to participate in, any strike or work stoppage growing out of any dispute of whatever nature relative to wages, terms or conditions of employment.

        4-2-39  –  4-2-40  RESERVED.