6-1-1          PERMIT REQUIRED.  It shall be unlawful to construct, place, alter, remove, or demolish, or to commence the construction, placement, alteration, removal, or demolition of a building, manufactured home, or structure without first filing Building Permit Application with the Supervisor of Assessments and receiving a formal written authorization in the form of a Building Permit.  A Permit shall not be required for any Illinois Division of Natural Resources approved drainage, wet land, water detention, or erosion projects.

          6-1-2          COMPLETION OF AUTHORIZED WORK.  Nothing in this Code shall require changes in the plans, construction, or designated use of a building or structure or portion thereof for which a lawful permit has been issued or which has been actually begun within ninety (90) days after this Code becomes effective and which entire building or structure shall be completed, as authorized, within two (2) years thereafter.

          6-1-3           APPLICATION FORM.  A Building Permit Application for a Building Permit shall be submitted in such form as the Supervisor of Assessments may prescribe.  Such application shall contain the full names and addresses of the applicant and of the owner, and, if the owner is a corporate body, of its responsible officer.  The application shall also describe briefly the proposed work and shall give such additional information as may be required by the Supervisor of Assessments and the County Highway Engineer for an intelligent understanding of the work proposed.  Any proposed building project that requires a new or reconstructed entrance from a County road shall include location, dimensions, and the size and type of drainage structure to be installed.

          6-1-4           AUTHORIZED APPLICANTS.  Applications shall be made by the property owner(s), or an agent of the owner(s) consisting of lessee, architect, engineer, or building contractor employed in connection with the proposed work.

          6-1-5          AMENDMENTS TO APPLICATION.  Nothing in this Code shall prohibit the filing of amendments to a building permit application or to a plan or other information accompanying the Building Permit Application at any time before the
completion of the work for which the permit was issued.  However, the building permit application shall then be subject to further and additional review that could result in additional requirements, additional permit fees, or denial of the original Building Permit.  If the changes or additions warrant it, the Union County Board may issue a new Building Permit and require an additional fee.

          6-1-6          PLANS TO ACCOMPANY APPLICATION.  Applications for permits shall be accompanied by drawings of the proposed work, drawn to scale, showing when necessary, floor plans, sections, elevations, structural details, computations, and stress diagrams, as any of the reviewing officials may require.

          6-1-7          PLOT LAYOUT.  When required by the reviewing officials, there shall be submitted a plot layout in a form and size designated by the reviewing officials for filing permanently with the permit record, drawn to scale, with all dimensions, figured, showing accurately the size and exact location of all proposed new construction and the relation to other existing or proposed buildings or structures on the same lot and other buildings or structures on adjoining property within fifteen (15) feet of the property lines.  In the case of demolition, the plot layout shall show the buildings or structures to be demolished and the buildings or structures on the same lot that are to remain.  No Union County Official shall be responsible for establishing or locating property lines.  If called into question, the Permit applicant shall be responsible for locating and establishing the property line.

          6-1-8          REPAIRS.  Repairs may be made without filing an application or obtaining a permit, unless such repairs amount to a “substantial improvement”, the cost of which equals or exceeds fifty percent (50%) of the actual cash value of the structure either, (a) before the improvement is started, or (b) if the structure has been damaged and is being restored, before the damage occurred.

          6-1-9          APPLICATION REVIEW.  Each Building Permit Application shall be obtained from and submitted to the Union County Supervisor of Assessments.  Once the application is completed and all requested material is submitted to the Supervisor of Assessments, there will be a period of ten (10) business days to review the application.  If changes, corrections, or additions are needed before the Supervisor of Assessments can approve the application, there shall be an additional period of five (5) business days for additional review of the modified application.  Once the application is approved by the Supervisor of Assessments, the application shall be forwarded to the Union County Highway Engineer for review.  County Highway Engineer shall have a period of ten (10) business days to review the application.  If the County Highway
Engineer requires changes, corrections, or additions to the application there shall be an additional period of five (5) business days for review once all requested information is submitted to the County Highway Engineer.  Once the application is approved by both the Supervisor of Assessments and the County Highway Engineer it shall be submitted to the Union County Board of Commissioners at the next regularly scheduled meeting for final approval.  After approval of the application by the County Board of Commissioners are approved application shall be retained by the Union County Clerk.  The County Clerk shall remove the Building Permit Fee from the application, that shall be submitted as required herein, and forward the fee to the Union County Treasurer.  The County Clerk shall then return the approved original Application to the Supervisor of Assessments.  A copy of the approved Building Permit Application will be made available to the Applicant by the Supervisor of Assessments and it shall serve as the authorized Building Permit.  If there is a Flood Plain Variance request attached to the Building Permit Application and it is also approved, the Union County Clerk will file the original Variance and shall also submit a copy of the approved variance to the Supervisor of Assessments and the County Highway Engineer.  The Supervisor of Assessments should be notified within three (3) days of approval of any building permit by the County Board of Commissioners and upon notification the Supervisor of Assessments shall within three (3) days notify the applicant of such approval.  The Supervisor of Assessments shall provide a dopy of the Building Permit to the applicant along with any approved Flood Plain Variance.  If at any step during the process the Building Permit Application is rejected the reasons for denying the application shall be made in writing and presented to the applicant along with a copy of the Application.  Any original Building Permit Application that has been denied shall be kept on file by the Supervisor of Assessments.

          6-1-10        REVOCATION OF PERMIT.  Any of the reviewing officials may revoke a permit or approval issued in case there has been any false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in the application or plans on which the permit or approval was based.  Any changes made to the scope, size, or location of the proposed building or demolition without resubmitting an application to the Supervisor of Assessments will be considered a misrepresentation as to material fact.

          6-1-11        APPROVAL OF PERMIT IN PART.  No permit application shall be approved in part without special authorization from the Union County Board of Commissioners.

          6-1-12        PERMIT FOR REMOVAL.  No permit shall be issued until any bond requirements of any affected utility or other entity with interest have been properly fulfilled.  No permit to remove a building or structure shall be issued to a non-
owner until notice has been given to the owners in fee of property upon which said building or structure is to be removed and an opportunity has been given said owners to be heard upon such application.

          6-1-13        COMPLIANCE WITH PERMIT.  All work performed under a permit issued by the building official shall conform to the approved application and plans, and approved amendments thereto.  The location of all new construction as shown on the approval plot layout or an approved amendment thereto, shall be strictly adhered to.  The County Supervisor of Assessments shall be responsible for verifying conformance of all approved Building Permits other than areas explicitly made the responsibility of the County Highway Engineer, such as entrance requirements and flood plain variances.  Either reviewing official shall refer all violations to the State’s Attorney for enforcement.

          6-1-14        REDUCING OR DIMINISHING LOT AREA.  It shall be unlawful to reduce or diminish the area of a lot or plot of which a plot layout has been filed and has been used as the basis for a permit, unless a revised plot layout showing the proposed changed in conditions shall have been filed and approved; provided that this shall not apply when the lot is reduced by reason of a street opening or widening or other public improvement.

          6-1-15        SIGNATURE TO PERMIT.  Once the Chairman of the County Board, or acting chairman in his absence, signs the Building Permit Application as approved the said approved application shall serve as the issued Building Permit.

          6-1-16        EXPIRATION OF PERMIT.  A permit under which no work is commenced within six (6) months after issuance shall expire.  A new permit in accordance with the procedures and requirements set forth herein shall be secured before work is started.

          6-1-17        POSTING OF PERMIT.  A copy of the permit shall be kept on the premises for public inspection during the prosecution of the work and until completion.

          6-1-18        ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS.  Any new entrance, driveway, field entrance, or roadway connecting to a County roadway shall have a drainage structure that is shown as part of either the plot layout or a separate drawing showing the entrance, driveway, field entrance, or roadway giving all the proper sizes and
dimensions.  Any properly submitted and approved drainage structure associated with a new entrance, driveway, or roadway shall be maintained by the County Highway Department.  Any unapproved drainage structure will not be maintained by the said Department and will have to be replaced by an approved structure at the cost of the property owner.  Failure to comply with these requirements shall result in revocation of any approved Building Permit.  Otherwise, any property owner given notice of their noncompliance with the connecting entrance, driveway, field entrance, or roadway requirements shall be given thirty (30) days to come into compliance with this provision and this Article, or they shall be penalized as set forth herein.

          6-1-19        PERMIT COSTS.  The Building Permit improvement fee shall be calculated at a rate of Two Dollars ($2.00) for every One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) of construction cost for construction, placement, alteration, or improvement of a building or structure, including entrances.  There will be no improvement fee charged for demolition or removal of structures.  There will be a filing fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) for each and all Building Permit Applications regardless of the purpose of the application.  The applicant(s) shall affix a check to the application for the total amount of permit costs payable to theCountyTreasurer.

          6-1-20        PENALTIES.  Violations of this Article shall be penalized with a fine of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) for the first violation, a fine of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for the second violation, and for each additional violation thereafter.  Each day a violation exists shall constitute a separate violation.

          6-1-21        SANITARY SEWAGE SYSTEMS.  Any Building Permit Application for new or improved structures that include restroom, kitchen, or other plumbing facilities shall notify Southern 7 Health Department to verify conformance with sanitary sewage system requirements.

          6-1-22        FLOOD PLAIN.  No Building Permit Application shall be approved that is not in accordance with the County Flood Plain Code.  Those applicants located within designated floodplains within the County will be required to submit a Floodplain Variance request along with the Building Permit Application.  Both the Application and the Variance will have to be approved by the County Board of Commissioners before construction or improvement activities can begin.  (See Chapter 14 – County Code)

          6-1-23        PLAT ACT.  No Building Permit Application shall be approved that is in violation of the Plat Act adopted by the State of Illinois March 21, 1874, along with all subsequent revisions and amendments.

          6-1-24        J.U.L.I.E.  All Building Permit applicants are expected to contact J.U.L.I.E. prior to commencing any construction, improvement, or demolition activities.

(Ord. No. 2006-4; 02-06-06)