7-7-1           LICENSE REQUIRED.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of hawker or peddler of any merchandise, article or thing without having first secured a license therefore.

           7-7-2           DEFINITIONS.  “Peddler” shall mean the selling, bartering, or exchanging or the offering for sale, barter or exchange of any tangible personal property upon or along the street, highways, or any public place of the County or from house to house, whether at one place thereon or from place to place, from any wagon, truck pushcart or other vehicle or from movable receptacles of any kind, but shall not include the delivery of any item previously ordered or the sale of items along delivery routes where the purchaser has previously requested the seller to stop and exhibit his items.  Nor shall peddle be taken to include the solicitation of orders by sample where the goods are not delivered at the time the order is taken.

           7-7-3           APPLICATION.  The person desiring a license may obtain the same by making application with the County Clerk and providing the following information:

           (A)               Name and physical description of applicant.

           (B)               Permanent home and address and local address if operating from such an address.

           (C)               A brief description of the business and of the goods to be sold.

           (D)               Name and address of the employer, if any.

           (E)               The length of time for which the right to do business is desired.

           (F)               Evidence that the agent is acting on behalf of the corporation he represents.

           (G)               Statement of the applicant’s criminal record, other than a traffic record.

           (H)               The last three (3) cities, villages, and/or counties where the applicant carried on business immediately preceding date of application and the address from which such business was conducted in those municipalities or counties.

           7-7-4           INVESTIGATION OF APPLICANTS.  Upon receipt of each application, the County Clerk shall provide the Sheriff a copy of same who shall investigate the business character of the applicant and submit a report to the County Clerk within ten (10) days of receipt.

           7-7-5           FEES.  The fee for a license issued under this Chapter shall be a daily license of Ten Dollars ($10.00) and an annual license fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per person for residents and an annual license of Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00) per person for non-residents, the fee being personable, not transferable, and not refundable.

           7-7-6           HOURS.  It is hereby declared to be unlawful and shall constitute a nuisance for any person whether registered under this Code or not, to go upon any premises and ring the door bell upon or near any door of a residence located thereon, or rap or knock upon any door, or create any sound in any other manner calculated to attract the attention of the occupant thereof and engage in soliciting as herein defined, prior to 9:00 A.M. or after 4:00 P.M. of any weekday, or at any time on a Sunday or on a State or National holiday.

           7-7-7           FRAUD.  Any licensed peddler or hawker who shall be guilty of any fraud, cheating or misrepresentation, whether through himself or through an employee while acting as a peddler in the County or who shall barter, sell or peddle any goods or merchandise or wares other than those specified in the application for a license shall be fined as provided in Chapter 1.

           7-7-8           EXEMPTION.  All peddlers or hawkers operating only within the corporate limits of a municipality are hereby exempt from the provisions of this Article.

           7-7-9           PRODUCE FARMERS. Illinois produce farmers are hereby excluded from the license fee provisions of this Article and may operate from a fixed location from dawn to dusk.