THIS AGREEMENT, entered into by and between the COUNTY OF UNION, a body politic and corporate (hereinafter referred to as “County”), and Kevin Grammer, P.E., of 1357 E. North 7th Street, Murphysboro, Illinois, (hereinafter referred to as “Engineer”), effective the 15th day of December, 2008.


1.       Term of Office.  The term of this Agreement shall be for a period of six (6) years, beginning on December 15, 2008, and running through December 15, 2014, unless otherwise terminated by resignation of the Engineer, termination by agreement of the parties, or upon the removal of the Engineer as provided by statute.

2.       Salary and Benefits.  For the period of December 15, 2008 running through December 31, 2009, the Engineer shall be paid an annual salary of Eighty-Four Thousand Seventy-Five Dollars ($84,075.00).  For each subsequent year under the terms of Agreement, the Engineer shall receive an annual increase to be determined by a majority of the Union County Board of Commissioners.

In addition to said annual salary, the Engineer shall be reimbursed by the County for the use of the Engineer’s personal vehicle in performing his duties while in the County, as per the terms of this Agreement.  Said reimbursement shall be at the approval Internal Revenue Service mileage rate effective at the time of such use of the Engineer’s personal vehicle.

Both the County and the Engineer hereby agree that the Engineer shall receive any and all insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, and I.M.R.F. or other retirement benefits as are provided to all otherUnionCountyemployees.

3.       Equipment and Personnel.  The County shall provide for the Union County Highway Department all equipment and personnel reasonably required as determined by the Union County Board of Commissioners, upon consultation with the Engineer.

4.       Hours of Employments.  The Engineer shall be required to devote a sufficient number of hours per week to satisfactorily perform his duties as described herein.

5.       Vacation, Sick Leave and Holidays.  The Engineer shall be entitled to three (3) weeks of vacation per year during the first four (4) years of this Agreement.  Vacation time during final two (2) years of this Agreement shall be subject to negotiation; provided however, the Engineer shall receive no less than three (3) weeks of vacation per year during the final two (2) years of the Agreement.  The Engineer shall be allowed to carry over unused vacation time for one (1) year.  All unused vacation time not used during the following year shall forever be forfeited.


The Engineer shall receive sick leave at the rate of one (1) day per month, or twelve (12) days per year.  A maximum of two hundred forty (240) days may be accumulated by an employee to be used at time of retirement for service credit, ninety (90) days of which may be paid upon resignation or retirement if not used for I.M.R.F. service credit.

The Engineer shall receive the same recognized Holidays as other County employees who are not covered by collective bargaining agreements with the County.

6.       Highway Department Employees.  All employees of the County who perform services for the Union County Highway Department shall be hired by the Engineer, with the advice and consent of a majority of the Union County Board of Commissioners.  Among those employed hired by the Engineer, one (1) Foreman shall be selected by the Engineer, who shall serve solely at the direction and discretion of the Engineer.

7.       County Board Meetings.  The Engineer will attend Board meetings as scheduled and requested by the Union County Board of Commissioners, and will, to the best of his ability, cooperate with the Union County Board of Commissioners.

8.       Audit of Accounts.  All Union County Highway Department funds and accounts contain monies and revenue of the County and are subject to being audited in the same manner and fashion as all otherUnionCounty funds.

9.       Duties of Engineer.  It is recognized that all highways in the County under the County Highway System are under the direct control and supervision of the Union County Board of Commissioners.  Further, it shall be the duty of the Engineer, subject to the advice and general oversight of the Union County Board of Commissioners, to perform the following functions and duties:

(a)      Prepare or cause to be prepared, plans, specifications, and estimates for all bridges and culverts to be built by the County, and to supervise the construction of all of such bridges and culverts.

(b)     Act for the County in all matters relating to the supervision of the construction or maintenance of any highway constructed or maintained in whole or in part at the expense of the County.

(c)      Perform such other lawful duties as may be prescribed by law or as may be required or directed by a majority of the Union County Board of Commissioners, according to accepted or customary practices.

(d)     Subject to the approval and supervision by the Union County Board of Commissioners, the Engineer shall have the authority, subject to compliance with any collective bargaining agreement, and County directives, to perform the following:

(i)      to make a determination as to when Highway Department employees should work overtime.  Overtime payments shall be properly documented and submitted to the Union County Board of Commissioners for approval.


(ii)      to purchase parts for the repair ofCounty Highwayequipment.  However, all purchases must be subsequently approved by the Union County Board of Commissioners.

(iii)     to attend to the ministerial function approving progress payments on contracts which are approved by the Union County Board of Commissioners.


ENTERED into this 1st day of December, 2008.



COUNTYOFUNION                                               COUNTYENGINEER



BY:     /s/ John Garner                                    /s/ Kevin Grammer                              

John Garner, Chairman                         Kevin Grammer, Engineer





/s/ Bobby Toler Jr.                                         (SEAL)

Bobby Toler, Jr.,CountyClerk