THIS AGREEMENT, entered into by and between the COUNTY OF UNION, a body politic and corporate (hereinafter referred to as “County”), and Bill Bowen, of 122 Williford Road, Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois, the Director of the Union County Ambulance Service, (hereinafter referred to as “Director”).


1.       Term of Office.  The term of this Agreement shall be for a period of four (4) years, from and after June 6, 2005, and running through December 1, 2009, unless otherwise terminated by the resignation of the Director, termination by agreement of the parties, discontinuation of the Union County Ambulance Service, or upon the removal of said Director, as provided by law.

2.       Salary and Benefits.  The starting salary for the Director shall be annually Forty-Six Thousand Dollars ($46,000.00).  For each subsequent year under the terms of this agreement the Director shall receive an annual increase to be determined by the majority of theCountyCommissioners and not to be less than the minimum increase received by the full time hourly employees of the ambulance service.  This increase shall be given on December 1, the beginning of each fiscal year.

The Director may be provided with a vehicle for use in his official capacity, at the discretion of the Union County Commissioners.  In the alternative, the Director shall be reimbursed by theCountyofUnionfor the use of his personal vehicle in performing his duties as defined herein.  Said mileage reimbursement shall be in presently approved amount set and established by theCountyofUnionfor its employees, at the time said reimbursement is sought.

Both the County and the Director hereby agree that the Director shall receive any and all insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, I.M.R.F. retirement benefits, and all other benefits as are provided to all otherUnionCountyemployees.

If at any time during the course of this contract or upon non-renewal of the contract for the Director, said employee shall revert back to the previous position of employment with Union County Ambulance and shall retain all benefits of employment based on years of service including seniority and supervisory capacity under the union contract.

3.       Equipment and Personnel.  The County of Union shall provide for the Union County Ambulance Service all equipment and personnel reasonably necessary as determined by the Union County Board of Commissioners, and upon the recommendation and advice of the Ambulance Service Director or Assistant Director, consistent with the financial well being of the Ambulance Service, with the advice and consent of the Director or Assistant Director.

4.       Hours of Employment.  The Director shall be considered to be a full-time employee of the County and shall be required to devote a sufficient number of hours per week to satisfactorily perform his duties as described herein.


5.       Vacation, Sick Leave and Holidays.  The Director shall be entitled to the following:

(a)      Vacation Time.  The Director shall receive four (4) weeks vacation time per year.  A maximum of two (2) weeks unused vacation time will be allowed to carry over for one (1) year and not build to more than two (2) weeks maximum over successive years.  Any unused vacation time will be allowed to be taken in pay at the current weekly rate of pay.

(b)     Sick Leave.  The Director shall receive twenty-four (24) hours of sick leave per month.  Accrued sick time for Director will be amended to coincide with the Illinois Municipal Retirement regulations.  A maximum of two hundred forty (240) days can be accumulated by an employee to be used at time of retirement for service credit.  Ninety (90) days of which may be paid upon resignation or retirement if not used for IMRF service credit.

(c)      Holidays.  The Director shall receive the same recognized Holidays as other County employees.

6.       Director’s Employees.  All employees who perform services for the Union County Ambulance Service shall be hired by the Director.  Among those employees hired by the Director, one (1) Deputy Director or Assistant Director shall be selected by the Director, who shall serve solely at the direction and discretion of the Director, provided that said Deputy Director or Assistant Director’s compensation shall be fixed by the Union Commissioners and paid by the County.

7.       County Board Meetings.  The Director shall attend any and allCountyBoard meetings when scheduled and requested so to do by the Union County Commissioners, and will, to the best of his ability, cooperate with saidCountyCommissioners.

8.       Duties of Director.  The Director shall competently and efficiently operate the Union County Ambulance Service to or from points both within and outside of the County, and perform all duties as are defined and required by the laws of the State ofIllinois and the Union County Commissioners in operating said service.  The Director shall likewise maintain any and all qualifications, certificates and/or licenses as are necessary to fulfill his duties and shall receive any and all additional training or education as is required by law, throughout the term of the Agreement.

The Director, or in his absence, the Assistant Director will have full authority over the hiring and dismissals, as well as disciplinary action and of all hourly employees in accordance with the labor agreement.  Also, the Director and the Assistant Director are responsible for the daily operations and establishment of all standard operating procedures and policies for the Union County Ambulance Service.

9.       Dismissal of Director.  In keeping with the laws of State of Illinois, the County Commissioners, by majority vote, may dismiss the Director before the expiration of the term of this Agreement and his office, for misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in the performance of the duties of the office, provided that upon dismissal, the Commissioners must specify their reasons in writing and are subject to a public hearing.



ENTERED into this 6th day of June, 2005.



COUNTYOFUNION                                      UNION COUNTY AMBULANCE DIRECTOR




BY:     /s/ Bill Jackson                           /s/ Bill Bowen                                               

Bill Jackson, Chairman                Bill Bowen, Director





/s/ Bobby Toler Jr.                                         (SEAL)

Bobby Toler, Jr.,CountyClerk