11-3-1           STATED POLICY.  TheCountyBoard wants to keep a safe work environment by promoting its health and safety policy, which is summarized as follows:

            (A)               To provide safe and efficient work places and provide tools, equipment and material free from preventable hazards.

            (B)               To maintain reasonable safety rules and procedures with firm and fair enforcement and to communicate these rules and procedures to all employees effectively.

            (C)               To provide appropriate employee training programs, emphasizing the individual’s responsibility for safe work performance.

            (D)               To constantly strive to improve safety performance with the objective of reducing accidents.

            (E)               To promote good health and safety attitudes by actively seeking the full cooperation of all employees and providing appropriate recognition for superior safety performance.

            11-3-2           SUPERVISORS INSTRUCTIONS.  Supervisors shall instruct employees on how best to perform their work.

            11-3-3           EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES.  Employees shall not hesitate to ask their supervisor about any phase of their job that may seem hazardous or unfamiliar and to report to their supervisor any malfunctioning vehicle or equipment or any condition that might be hazardous to the safety of County employees or the public.