18-1-20      FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS AND RETAIL FOOD STORES; INSPECTION FREQUENCY.  Inspections of Food Service and Retail Food Establishments will be performed at intervals required under their classification as either
“Category I”, “Category II”, and “Category III” as determined by the Health Authority.  Additional follow up inspections (rechecks) and complaint investigations will be performed as often as necessary for the proper administration of the Illinois Food Laws.

          (A)               Access to Establishment.  The Health Authority, after proper identification shall be permitted to enter, at any reasonable time, any food service establishment or retail food store within the County for the purpose of making inspections to determine compliance with this Code.  They shall be permitted to examine the records of the establishment to obtain pertinent information pertaining to food and supplies purchased, received, or used and persons employed.

          (B)               Procedures for Reporting Inspection Findings.  Whenever an inspection of a retail food establishment is made, the findings will be recorded on the appropriate food inspection form.  This inspection report form will summarize the requirements of the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code and will set forth a weighted point value for each requirement.

Inspection remarks shall be written to reference, by rule number, the section violated and will state the correction to be made.  The rating score of the weighted point values of all violations subtracted from 100.  A copy of the completed inspection report form will be furnished to the person in charge of the establishment at the conclusion of the inspection.  The completed inspection report form is a public document and will be made available for public disclosure to any person who requests it.

A copy of the most recent Inspection Report of the establishment shall be displayed in a prominent location within the establishment, in such a manner as it may be easily observed by the consuming public.  Failure to display the previous Inspection Report shall be a 5 point weighted item on the inspection.

          (C)               Correction of Violations.  The completed inspection report form will specify a reasonable period of time for the correction of the violations found.  The correction of the violations will be accomplished within the period specified in accordance with the following provisions:

                    (1)     If an imminent health hazard exists, such as complete lack of refrigeration or sewage backup in the establishment, the establishment shall be required to cease operations until the violation has been abated.

                    (2)     All violations of a 4 or 5 point weighted item shall be corrected as soon as possible.  Follow-up (Recheck) inspections will be conducted to confirm correction.

                    (3)     All 1 and 2 point weighted items shall be corrected as soon as possible.

                    (4)     When the rating score of the establishment is less than 60, the establishment shall initiate corrective action on all identifiable violations within forty-eight (48) hours.  One or more re-inspections (rechecks) will be conducted at reasonable time intervals to determine if correction action has been made.

          (D)               Service of Notices.  Notices provided for under this Section shall be deemed to have been properly served when the original of the inspection report form or other notice has been delivered personally to the permit holder or person in charge, or such notice has been sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address or the permit holder.  A copy of such notice shall be filed with the records of the Health Authority.

          18-1-21      EXAMINATION AND CONDEMNATION OF FOOD.  Food may be examined or sampled by the Health Authority as often as may be necessary to determine freedom from adulteration or misbranding.  The Health Authority may upon written notice to the owner or person in charge, place a hold order on any food which he determines, or has probable cause to believe to be unwholesome, or otherwise, adulterated, or misbranded.  Under a hold order, food shall be permitted to be suitably stored.  It shall be unlawful for any person to remove or alter a hold order notice or tag placed on food by the Health Authority, and neither such food nor the containers thereof shall be labeled, repacked, reprocessed, altered, disposed of, or destroyed, without permission of the Health Authority, except on order by a court of competent jurisdiction.  After the owner or person in charge has had a hearing as provided for in Section 18-1-13, and on the basis of evidence produced at such hearing, or on the basis of his examination in the event a written request for a hearing is not received, within ten (10) days, the Health Authority may vacate the hold order, or may be written order direct the owner or person in charge of the food which was placed under the hold order to denature or destroy such food or bring it into compliance with provisions of this Code; provided that such order of the Health Authority to denature or destroy such food or bring it into compliance with the provisions of this Code shall be stayed if the order is appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction within three (3) days.

          18-1-22      FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS OUTSIDE JURISDICTION OF THE HEALTH AUTHORITY.  Food from food service establishments outside of the jurisdiction of the Health Authority of the County may be sold within the County, if such food service establishments conform to the provisions of this Code or to substantially equivalent provisions.  To determine the extent of compliance with such provisions, the Health Authority may accept reports from responsible authorities in other jurisdictions where such food service establishments are located.

          18-1-23      PLAN REVIEW OF FUTURE CONSTRUCTION.  When a food service establishment or retail food store is hereafter constructed or extensively remodeled, or when an existing structure is converted for use as a food service establishment or retail food store, properly prepared plans and specifications of such construction, remodeling or alteration, showing, layout, arrangement, and construction materials of work areas, and the location, size, and type of fixed equipment and facilities shall be submitted to the Health Authority before such work is begun.  Fees may be charged by the Board of Health to offset the cost of reviewing plans.  Fees are to be set by the Board of Health.

          18-1-24      PROCEDURE WHEN INFECTION IS SUSPECTED.  When the Health Authority has reasonable cause to suspect possibility of disease transmission from any food service establishment or retail food store employee, the Health Authority shall secure a morbidity history of the suspected employee, or make such other investigation as may be indicated, and take appropriate action.  The Health Authority may require any or all of the following measures: (a) the immediate exclusion of the employee from all food service establishments and retail stores; (b) the immediate closure of the establishment concerned until, in the opinion of the Health Authority, no further danger of disease outbreak exists; (c) restriction of the employee’s services to some area of the establishment where there would be no danger of transmitting diseases and (d) adequate medical and laboratory examination of the employee, of other employees, and of their body discharges if necessary.

          18-1-25  –  18-1-26       RESERVED.