20-1-1         LIBRARY ESTABLISHED.  A county law library is hereby established to be maintained and located at the County Courthouse, 311 West Market Street, Jonesboro, Illinois. 

            20-1-2         AVAILABILITY.  The facilities of such library shall be freely available to all licensedIllinois attorneys, judges, magistrates and other public officers of such county, and to all members of the public, whenever the Courthouse is open.

            20-1-3         MAINTENANCE FEES.  The expense of establishing and maintaining such library shall be borne by Union County; to defray such expense, the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit for Union County shall charge and collect a county law library fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00), such fee to be paid at the time of filing the first pleading, paper or other appearance filed by each party in all civil cases, but no additional fee shall be required if more than one party is represented in a single pleading, paper or other appearance.

            20-1-4         COUNTY LAW LIBRARY FUND.  Such fees shall be in addition to all other fees and charges of such Circuit Clerk, shall be assessable as costs, and shall be remitted by such Circuit Clerk monthly to the County Treasurer, and shall be retained by such County Treasurer in a special fund designated as the County Law Library Fund; disbursements from such fund shall be by theCountyTreasurer on order of a majority of the judges of the Circuit Court of Union County, Illinois.

            20-1-5           CRIMINAL CASES.  Such fees shall not be charged in any criminal or quasi-criminal case, nor in any matter coming to any such clerk on change of venue, nor in any proceeding to review the decision of any administrative officer, agency or body. 

            20-1-6         CHARGES AND COLLECTIONS.  The Circuit Clerk shall commence such charges and collections after the Chairman of this County Board has, and such Chairman is hereby authorized and directed to, give written notice to the Circuit Clerk of this County that this Board has acted under the provisions of “AN ACT in relation to the establishment, maintenance and operation of county law libraries.”


(55 ILCS 5/5-39001)