24-4-1        ILLINOIS VEHICLE CODE; RULES OF THE ROAD ADOPTED. The Illinois Vehicle Code, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 625, Article II, entitled “Rules of the Road”, as passed, approved and amended by the Illinois General Assembly is hereby adopted by the County and the provisions thereof shall be controlling within the County except for the following changes, deletions and omissions:

       (A)               Omissions:

              (1)     Omit Sections 5/11-202, 5/11-204, 5/11-207, 5/11-208, 5/11-208.1, 5/11-208.2, 5/11-209, 5/11-211, 5/11-302, 5/11-303, 5/11-500 to and including 5/11-504, 5/11-602, 5/11-603, 5/11-604, 5/11-606(b), 5/11-608, 11-1419.02, and 11-1422.

       (B)               Changes and Additions:

              (1)     Change 5/11-904(a) to read:  “Preferential right-of-way at an intersection may be indicated by stop or yield signs as authorized by this Code.”

              (2)     Change 5/11-1416(a) to read: “Any person who shall willfully and unnecessarily attempt to delay, hinder or obstruct any other person in lawfully driving and traveling upon or along any highway within this State or who shall offer for barter or sale, merchandise on said highway so as to interfere with the effective movement of traffic shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a violation of this Code.”

       24-4-2        DRIVING RULES.

       (A)               Careless Driving.  It shall be unlawful to operate a vehicle in the County in a careless manner so as to interfere with the safe or lawful operation of any other vehicle or so as to interfere with or to injure, damage, or endanger persons or property engaged in the lawful use of the street.

       (B)               Drag Racing Unlawful.  No person shall be a participant in drag racing as defined in Section 5/11-504 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

       (C)               Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officer.  Any driver or operator of a motor vehicle who, having been given a visual or audible signal by a police officer directing such driver or operator to bring his vehicle to a stop, willfully fails to or refuses to obey such direction, increases his speed, extinguishes his lights or otherwise flees or attempts to elude the officer is guilty of a violation of this Chapter.  The signal given by the police officer may be by hand, voice, siren, red or blue light.  Provided, however, the officer giving such signal shall be in a peace officer’s uniform and if driving a vehicle, such vehicle shall be marked showing it to be an official emergency vehicle.

       (D)               Unlawful Possession of Highway Sign or Marker.  The Department of Local Authorities with reference to traffic-control signals, signs or markers owned by the Department of Local Authorities are authorized to indicate the ownership of such signs, signals or markers on the back of such devices in letters not less than three-eighths of an inch (3/8″) or more than three-fourths of an inch (3/4″) in height, by use of a metal stamp, etching or other permanent means and except for employees of the Department, deputy sheriffs, contractors and their employees engaged in highway construction, contract or work on the highway approved by the Department, it is a violation of this Chapter for any person to possess such sign, signal or marker so identified. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-313)

       (E)               Special Speed Limitations on Elevated Structures.  No person shall drive a vehicle over any bridge or other elevated structure constituting a part of a highway at a speed which is greater than the maximum speed which can be maintained with safety to such bridge or structure when such structure is sign-posted.

Upon the trial of any person charged with the violation of this Section, proof of the determination of the maximum speed by the County and the existence of such signs is conclusive evidence of the maximum speed which can be maintained with safety to such bridge or structure. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-608)

       (F)               General Speed Restrictions.  The speed limits on the various streets shall be approved by the County Board, but shall not exceed twenty miles per hour (20 MPH) in a school zone and not to exceed twenty-five miles per hour (25 MPH) on a residential street, unless otherwise posted.  (Schedule “C” shall be an integral part of this Section.)  (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-604)

       (G)               Special Speed Limit While Passing Schools.  No person shall drive a motor vehicle at a speed in excess of twenty miles per hour (20 MPH) while passing a school zone or while traveling upon any public thoroughfare on or across which children pass going to and from school during school days when school children are present.

This Section shall not be applicable unless appropriate signs are posted upon streets and maintained by the County or State wherein the school zone is located. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-605)

       (H)               Failure to Reduce Speed.  A vehicle shall be driven upon the streets and roads of this County at a speed which is reasonable and proper with regard to traffic conditions and the use of the street or roads.  The fact that the vehicle does not exceed the applicable maximum speed limit does not relieve the driver of the duty to decrease speed when approaching and crossing an intersection or when special hazard exists with respect to pedestrian or other traffic or by reason of weather or highway conditions.  Speed must be decreased as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person or vehicle on or entering the highway in compliance with legal requirements and it is the duty of all persons to use due care.

       (I)                Traffic Lane Usage.  Whenever any roadway within the County has been divided into two (2) or more clearly marked lanes for traffic, a vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from such lane until the driver has first ascertained that such movement can be made with safety.

       (J)               U-Turns Prohibited.  No driver of a vehicle shall make a “U-turn” on any street or at any intersection of any streets or roads in the County.

       (K)               Traffic Lane.  A vehicle shall be driven within the boundaries of the traffic lane that the driver is using.

       24-4-3        TRANSPORTING LIQUOR IN VEHICLES. No person shall transport, carry, possess or have any alcoholic liquor within the passenger area of any motor vehicle in the County except in the original container and with the seal unbroken. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-502)

       24-4-4        EXCESSIVE NOISE – STOPPED VEHICLE.  No operator of a motor vehicle shall, when the motor vehicle is stopped, unreasonably accelerate the engine thereof with the gears of the vehicle in neutral, thereby causing an unreasonably loud or excessive noise.

       24-4-5        EXCESSIVE NOISE – WHEELS.  No operator of a motor vehicle shall, when the motor vehicle is stopped, accelerate the engine with the gears of such vehicle in neutral and while so accelerating the engine, shift the gears of the vehicle into a forward or reverse movement, thereby causing an unreasonably loud noise with the drive wheels of the vehicle.

       24-4-6        EXCESSIVE NOISE – SQUEALING TIRES.  No operator of a motor vehicle shall accelerate the engine thereof when shifting the gears of such vehicle in such a manner as to cause the rear wheels of such vehicle to spin violently, thereby causing an unreasonably loud or excessive noise. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11-505)

       24-4-7        RECKLESS, NEGLIGENT OR CARELESS DRIVING.  It shall be unlawful to operate any vehicle in the County in a careless, reckless, negligent or wanton manner, or carelessly so as to endanger life or property.

       24-4-8        EXCESSIVE NOISE WHILE DRIVING. No operator of a motor vehicle shall, when operating the vehicle, accelerate the vehicle or rapidly stop the vehicle causing an unreasonably loud noise.