33-10-1      OBSTRUCTING DRIVERS.  It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully and unnecessarily hinder, obstruct, or delay, or willfully and unnecessarily attempt to delay, hinder, or obstruct any other person in lawfully driving or traveling along or upon any highway within the limits of Union County, or offer for barter or sale merchandise on the highway so as to interfere with the effective movement of traffic. 

          33-10-2      LITTER ON HIGHWAYS.

          (A)               Any person to throw, spill or deposit upon any highway any bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, or any litter, as defined in the Litter Control Act, 415 ILCS 105/3.

          (B)               Any person who violates paragraph (A) upon any highway shall immediately remove the material or cause it to be removed.

          (C)               Any person removing a wrecked or damaged vehicle from a highway shall remove any glass or other debris, except any hazardous substance as defined in 415 ILCS 5/3.14, hazardous waste as defined in 415 ILCS 5/3.84, dropped upon the highway from such vehicle. 

          33-10-3      ENTRANCE CULVERTS.  In constructing a public highway, if a ditch is made at the junction of highways, or at the entrance of gates or other openings of adjoining premises, the highway authorities shall construct good and sufficient culverts or other convenient crossings.  New entrance culverts or crossings or additions to existing entrance culverts or crossings along an existing public highway or street where there is a ditch may be made with the consent of the highway authorities, provided the applicant for such entrance culvert or crossing constructs at the applicant’s expense a good and sufficient culvert or other convenient crossing of the type and size specified by the highway authorities, which structure shall then become the property of the public.