33-9-1        PREAMBLE.  There is hereby established a uniform system for street naming or renaming and for numbering property and buildings on all streets, lanes, roads, highways and public ways in the unincorporated area of Union County.  All buildings shall be numbered in accordance with the provisions set forth herein. 

          33-9-2        IMPLEMENTATION.

          (A)               Pursuant to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, the PCB shall enter into an Agreement with the PCETSB to allow the PCETSB to assign names to, or rename, all streets, lanes, roads, highways and public ways in the unincorporated area of Union County.  Furthermore, the PCETSB shall coordinate its efforts to implement this Article with United States Postal authorities.  That on the approval of this Article, the PCB adopts the street names attached hereto.

          (B)               The initial purchase of the road signs for county roads shall be made by the Union County Highway Department using funds obtained for this purpose from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Safety Grant.  This safety grant shall provide the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) for the purchase of said signs.  Any sums necessary for the purchase of said road signs in excess of the monies obtained from said grant shall be paid by the PCETSB.

          (C)               Any additional signs purchased after the initial purchase shall be paid for by the PCETSB, including the cost of replacement signs or posts for signs which are damaged, lost or stolen.  The Union County Highway Department shall pay for the maintenance and installation of the signs which are provided by the PCETSB.

          (D)               Signs designating the names of private streets, lanes, roads, and highways shall be erected and maintained at the expense of property owner or owners occupying such private streets, lanes, roads, and highways.  Said signs shall be located to be easily visible to emergency personnel traveling from a public access road into the private roadway.  All signs shall be of the same or similar construction as the signs erected by the PCETSB.  Landowners who have erected said signs which comply with the provisions of this paragraph and with the standards adopted by the PCETSB, and may, after installation of said signs petition the PCETSB to take over and maintain these signs as per this Article.  Any landowner who so petitions the PCETSB to take over and maintain a road sign shall be required to attach to his or her petition a valid easement granting access to the location for the purposes of installation, repair and maintenance of said signs.

          (E)               All expenses for the maintenance, preparation, and installation of uniform public street, public lane, public road, public highway and public way intersection signs shall be borne by the Union County Highway Department.

          33-9-3        NUMBERING.

          (A)               All numbers for property shall be assigned in a manner mutually agreed upon by the PCETSB and the United States Postal Service.

          (B)               Each house, building or other occupied structure shall be assigned a separate number.  A number or alphabetical letter shall be assigned for each occupant (i.e. apartment, company, etc.) within a building or other occupied structure.

          (C)               Existing number shall be changed only as necessary to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Enhanced 911 system inUnionCounty, as determined in the judgment of the PCETSB.

          (D)               Written notification of the proper address of each house, building or structure shall be given to its owner, occupant or agent in all instances where a new number has been assigned under the terms of this Article. 

          33-9-4        PLACEMENT OF NUMBERS.

          (A)               The owner, occupant or agent of each house, building or other structure assigned a number under the uniform numbering system provided in this Article shall place or cause to be placed such number on or near the house, building or other structure within ninety (90) days after receiving notification of the proper number assignment.

          (B)               Cost and installation of the numbers for the structures shall be paid for by the property owner.  Numbers shall be not less than three (3) inches in height.  All numbers shall be made of a durable, reflective, and clearly visible material.

          (C)               All numbers shall be conspicuously placed immediately above, on or at the side of the appropriate door to the house, building, or other structure so that the number is clearly visible from the street.  In cases where the structure is situated so that numbers placed upon it cannot be clearly visible from the street, the structure number shall be placed near the walk, mailbox, gatepost, fence or other appropriate place so as to be clearly visible from the street.

(See 5 ILCS 220/3)