33-5-1        GENERAL.  Waterlines generally are those pipelines carrying potable water and permit applications for such lines shall indicate that all requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Public Water Supplies, have been satisfied.  Waterlines shall be installed to meet or exceed the recommendations of the current “Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Main Construction inIllinois”.

          (A)               Parallel Water Mains.  Parallel water mains may be permitted on the rights of way of County highways under the following conditions:

                    (1)     The installation shall be located as near as practicable to the right of way line and not more than eight (8) feet (2.4m) from and parallel to the right of way line.

                    (2)     The materials, construction methods and other requirements conform to the provisions of Article I of this Chapter.

                    (3)     Water main cover shall be sufficient to provide freeze protection and preferably should be a minimum of four (4) feet six (6) inches (1.4m).

          (B)               Water Main and Service Crossings.  Water main and service crossings of County highways may be permitted under the following conditions:

                    (1)     Installation shall cross at or as near as practicable to a ninety (90) degree angle with the centerline of the highway.

                    (2)     The materials, construction methods and other elements shall conform to Article I of this policy.

                    (3)     The crossings shall be installed by jacking or boring under completed highway projects.

                    (4)     Encasement shall be furnished between bore pits unless continuous pipe or Department approved jointed pipe is used under the roadway structure.

                    (5)     Casing may be omitted if pipe is installed prior to highway construction and carrier pipe is continuous or mechanical joints are of type approved by the Department. Belland spigot type pipes shall be encased regardless of installation method.

                    (6)     Crossing shall have sufficient cover for freeze protection (preferably a minimum of four (4) feet six (6) inches (1.4m).