34‑3‑1           PRE‑APPLICATION CONFERENCE. Before submitting a preliminary plat, the applicant is encouraged to confer with the County Zoning Officer, Planning Commission, and other official units of government affected thereby as well as those providing services to the area in question to initiate pre‑planning activities and obtain information and guidance before entering into binding commitments or incurring substantial expense in the preparation of detailed plans, surveys and other data. 

          34‑3‑2           PRELIMINARY PLAT PROCEDURES. A subdivider desiring to subdivide a tract of land shall file eleven (11) copies of the preliminary plat with the Zoning Officer. The applicant shall furnish additional copies for evaluation and comment by other governmental agencies and organizations, as requested by the Planning Commission. The Zoning Officer shall then determine if the zone district classification(s) of the territory are correct and that the proposed subdivision complies with the applicable provisions of the Zoning Code. He shall then forward one (1) copy each to the Planning Commission and the County Soil and Water Conservation District. All fees required for the review shall be paid by the applicant.

A copy of deed to property shall be submitted when filing a Preliminary Plat. A copy of Deed Restrictions and Covenants shall accompany the Preliminary Plat. The Deed Restrictions shall be recorded in the County Clerk’s Office along with the Final Plat after Final Plat has been approved.

As required by 765 ILCS Sec. 205/2, written approval from proper Road Authority regarding entrances onto State, County, or Road District Roads shall be submitted with plat. Also written approval from Local Health Department regarding sewage disposal systems for subdivision shall be submitted. (Subdivision Plat Review Application shall be completed.)

A Drainage Report shall be submitted and shown on separate copy of plat and signed by Registered Professional Engineer and Subdivider as specified in 765 ILCS Sec. 205/2. 

          34‑3‑3           SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT. The County Soil and Water Conservation District may comment on the preliminary plat within thirty (30) days after receiving the application. The comment shall be noted, in writing, and filed with the Zoning Officer. If comments are not received within thirty (30) days, the Planning Commission shall assume that the Soil and Water Conservation District has no objections to the proposed preliminary plat. (Sec. 301.0) 

          34‑3‑4           NOTICE. When the preliminary plat is being reviewed, the Planning Commission shall give notice and provide an opportunity to be heard to the following persons or groups at its next regularly scheduled meeting:

          (A)               Any person who requests notification of the meeting.

          (B)               Any property owner whose property is contiguous to the property, including property across the streets, railroads, creeks and similar barriers; the information shall be provided by the applicant to the Zoning Officer when filing the preliminary plat.

          (C)               Any governmental district, agency, organization or taxing body which requests notification of the meeting. 

          34‑3‑5           PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION. The Planning Commission shall review the preliminary plat within sixty (60) days from the date of application or the filing of the last item of required supporting data, whichever is later, and shall forward the plat to the County Board with a recommendation that the plat be approved, approved with modifications, or disapproved, and giving the reasons for the recommendations made. 

          34‑3‑6           COUNTY BOARD ACTION. TheCountyBoard shall review the preliminary plat and shall either approve or disapprove the plat. 

          34‑3‑7           FILING. Two (2) copies of the approved preliminary plat shall be filed with the Zoning Officer and a copy signed by the County Board Chairman be returned to the subdivider by the Zoning Officer. 

          34‑3‑8           RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES.  Preliminary plat approval shall confer upon the subdivider the following rights and privileges:

          (A)               That the preliminary plat approval will remain in effect for a one (1) year period.  The applicant may, during this period, submit all or part or parts of the preliminary plat for final approval. In the event that the subdivision is being developed in stages, the applicant may, by written mutual agreement with the County Board, have final approval of the last part of the plat delayed for a period not to exceed five (5) years from the date of the preliminary plat approval. Any part of a subdivision which is being developed in stages shall contain a tract of land at least one (1) block in area.

          (B)               That the general terms and conditions under which the preliminary plat approval was granted will not be changed for final approval.

          (C)               The applicant may also proceed with any detailed im­provement plans required for all facilities or utilities intended to be provided. Actual construction of such facilities and improvements may commence prior to final plat approval if the detailed improvement plans have been accepted by theCountyEngineer, provided that such facilities and improvements will be inspected throughout their construction, and final plat approval will be contingent in part upon acceptable compliance to County improvement and facilities standards.  If the applicant does not submit the improvement plans prior to the submission of the final plat, then he shall submit the improvement plans to the Zoning Officer at the time that the final plat is submitted.

          34‑3‑9           SUBDIVISION NEAR MUNICIPALITY.  When a subdivision is located within one and one‑half (1 1/2) miles of the corporate limits of any municipality that has adopted and filed with the County Recorder of Deeds an official comprehensive plan, which plan has been implemented by ordinance as provided by State Statutes, the plat shall be submitted by the applicant to the Municipality for approval. However, the subdivider shall submit a copy of the preliminary plat as approved by the Municipality to the Zoning Officer of the County for the Planning Commission’s review and comment.

          (A)               The Planning Commission and theCountyEngineershall determine if the preliminary plat complies with this Ordi­nance and whether the preliminary plat is in substantial compliance with the County’s Transportation Plan adopted by the County Board.  Whenever the preliminary plat does not comply with the above, the Zoning Officer shall notify the Municipality in writing of the specific instances of noncompliance.

          (B)               The Zoning Officer shall also notify the County Superintendent of Highways in writing whenever the preliminary plat contains roads or streets that are less than the specifications and regulations provided herein.  The Superintendent of Highways may refuse to accept any such noncomplying street or road for incorporation into or as part of the County road system. 

          34‑3‑10         IMPROVEMENT PLAN PROCEDURES. Improvement plans do not require Planning Commission action, but shall be approved by the County Engineer who shall certify to the Planning Commission that the plan is in conformance with these regulations and requirements. Variance from these requirements shall be permitted only by Planning Commission action pursuant to Article VII. No developer, however, shall proceed with any construction work in the project area before obtaining this approval. In minor subdivisions, if in the opinion of the County Engineer, this requirement would create an unnecessary hardship, the County Engineer may waive improvement plan requirements, provided he so notifies the Planning Commission in writing.

          (A)               To secure formal action on the improvement plans, the developer shall file three (3) blue line prints of the improvement plans with the Zoning Officer who shall forward them to the County Engineer.

          (B)               The County Engineer shall review the proposed im­provement plans and notify the Planning Commission, in writing, of his approval, conditional approval, or denial. Upon notification by the County Engineer, the Zoning Officer shall notify the applicant by making a copy of the County Engineer’s report stating the approval, conditional approval or denial. If the notice is of denial, or conditional approval, the County Engineer shall, as a guideline to applicant, state his reasons.

                    (1)      Approval means the applicant is now authorized to proceed with the physical improvements in the subdivision, provided the County Board accept the improvement plans.

                    (2)      Conditional approval means the developer may proceed as outlined in the preceding paragraph, but only after he has submitted three (3) copies of the corrected improvement plans to the Zoning Officer, who shall forward the plans to the County Engineer.

                    (3)      Denial means disapproval of improvement plans. For further consideration, the developer must rework his plans to conform to the requirements and then resubmit the reworked plans to the Zoning Officer as though they were a completely new set of plans.

          34‑3‑11         FINAL PLAT PROCEDURES. Eleven (11) copies of the final plat shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer. He shall then transmit one (1) copy each to the Planning Commission and County Engineer. The final plat shall include all plans and specifications as may be necessary to comply with all requirements herein and such information as may be necessary concerning the form of guarantee or performance bond to be used. 

          34‑3‑12         SUBMITTAL OF IMPROVEMENT PLANS. If the applicant has not previously submitted improvement plans, then they shall be submitted along with the final plat to the Zoning Officer, who shall forward the final plat and improvement plans to the County Engineer. 

          34‑3‑13         SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT. The Planning Commission may, if it believes that substantial changes have been made from the preliminary plat, request that the Soil and Water Conservation District review the final plat. 

          34‑3‑14         PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION. The Planning Commission shall review the final plat and documentation and transmit their report on findings and recommendations to the County Board within thirty (30) days of the filing date of the final plat. 

          34‑3‑15         COUNTY BOARD REVIEW. The County Board shall review the final plat and shall either approve or disapprove the plat. Approval however, shall not be granted unless the following conditions are met:

          (A)               The final plat conforms to the preliminary plat approved previously.

          (B)               The final plat meets the design standards and engineering specifications set forth herein.

          (C)               The final plat meets all requirements of the laws of the State ofIllinois.

          (D)               The subdivider or applicant posts a performance bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit with the County equal to the estimated cost of all improvements for construction, maintenance and operation, as the case may be. 

          34‑3‑16         COUNTY BOARD ACTION. If the final plat is approved, the chairman of the County Board shall affix his signature to the plat and attach thereto a notation that the plat has received final approval of the County Board. The County Clerk shall then attest the signature of the Chairman and affix the County Seal thereto. If the final plat is disapproved, the reasons for such action and specific instances where the plat is not in conformance with the requirements herein shall be noted. 

          34‑3‑17         COUNTY CLERK ACTION.  The County Clerk shall attach to a copy of the final plat a certified copy of theCountyBoard resolution certifying approval or disapproval.

          34‑3‑18         RECORDING PROCEDURE. No subdivision plat or re‑plat shall be filed for record or recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, unless and until the approval of the County Board is endorsed thereon. No lot shall be sold for such subdivision plat or re‑plat until it has been approved by the County Board and filed for record in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds as herein provided. 

          34‑3‑19         OFFICIAL FILINGS. The subdivider shall file the approved final plat along with the Deed Restrictions and Covenants of the subdivision with the County Recorder of Deeds within sixty (60) days after the County Board have affixed their signature thereto. One (1) copy of the final plat and the Deed Restrictions shall be given to the Administrative Officer by the County Recorder of Deeds bearing the official stamp of the County Recorder of Deeds attesting the recordings within twenty (20) days of such action. 

          34‑3‑20         ILLEGAL PLATS. It shall be unlawful for the County Recorder to accept for recording any plat of a subdivision within the unincorporated area of County until the plat has been approved as required herein and such approval has been endorsed in writing on the plat or as otherwise provided herein. 

          34‑3‑21         MINOR SUBDIVISIONS. Minor subdivisions (see definition, “SUBDIVISION, MINOR”) may be exempted from the procedures and requirements for preliminary plats and the subdivider may proceed to file the final plat for review. Final plat procedures and requirements shall be as specified in Sections 34‑3‑11 to 34-3‑17. 

          34‑3‑22         FEES. The review fee for the preliminary plat shall be One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), plus Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per lot, sub‑lot, or tract of land. The fee shall be collected by the Zoning Officer after the last item of required information has been submitted by the applicant. 

          34‑3‑23         FINAL PLAT. The review fee for the final plat shall be Fifty Dollars ($50.00), plus Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per lot, sub‑lot, or tract of land. The fee shall be collected by the Zoning Officer after the last item or required information has been submitted by the applicant. 

          34‑3‑24         IMPROVEMENT PLAN REVIEW AND INSPECTION FEE. All public improvements proposed to be made under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be inspected during the course of construction by the County’s duly designated representative. The fees and costs connected with such inspections and in reviewing improvement plans and specifications shall be paid by the developer. This fee shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the total cost for all improvements, based on the determination made by County Engineer.