34‑7‑1           VARIATIONS. The Planning Commission may grant a variance or special exception from all provisions of Article V and Article VI of this Ordinance, except Section 34‑5‑12 of Article V, provided, in each case, that three (3) of the following provisions, including (A) and (B) are met:

          (A)               the subdivider shall apply in writing for such a variance or exception upon filing of the preliminary plat with the Zoning Officer; and

          (B)               any variance or exception granted shall comply with the Intent and Purpose declared in Section 34‑1‑4 of Article I; and

          (C)               the subdivider shows that because of topographical or other physical conditions peculiar to the site the provisions of this Ordinance would cause an unnecessary hardship if strictly adhered to; or

          (D)               in the opinion of the Planning Commission, the variation or exception will afford better site design and land utilization. 

          34‑7‑1.1       Any variation proposed or contained within a planned unit development shall be governed by the applicable requirements in The Union County Zoning Code, rather than this Article. 

          34‑7‑1.2       Any variation granted shall be in writing and clearly state all conditions requiring the variance or special exception and shall set forth the exact terms of the variance; a copy of which shall be attached to the preliminary plats or final plats as the case may be. 

          34‑7‑1.3      A copy of any variation shall be part of the public record and shall be filed in the office of the Zoning Officer.




          FIGURE 1                Variations for Subdividing This 23 Acre Tract

          FIGURE 2                Examples of Subdivision Planning

          FIGURE 3                Catch Basin Detail

          FIGURE 4                Standards for Subdivision Streets

          FIGURE 5                Subdivision Land Access Street