36-7-1        FEES ESTABLISHED.  The fees of the Coroner’s Office shall be as follows:

                    (1)     A copy of a transcript of sworn testimony:  Three Dollars ($3.00) per page.

                    (2)     A copy of an autopsy report (if not included in transcript):  Thirty Dollars ($30.00).

                    (3)     A copy of the verdict of a coroner’s jury:  Five Dollars ($5.00).

                    (4)     A copy of a toxicology report:  Fifteen Dollars ($15.00).

                    (5)     A print of a picture obtained by the coroner:  actual cost or Three Dollars ($3.00), whichever is greater.

                    (6)     Each copy of miscellaneous reports, including artist’s drawings but not including police reports:  actual cost or Fifteen Dollars ($15.00), whichever is greater.

                    (7)     A coroner’s or medical examiner’s permit to cremate a dead human body:  Ten Dollars ($10.00).

          (B)               All fees under this Article collected by or on behalf of the Coroner’s Office shall be paid over to the County Treasurer and deposited into the general fund of the County.