36-13-11    TAX SALES FEES.  The fees to be assessed by the County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds shall be as follows:


Attend Tax Sale; Issue Certificate Per Tract                                                   12.00

Cancel Tax Sale; Issue Certificate of Redemption                                           33.00

Recording of Deeds                                                                                    15.00

(See 55 LCS 5/4-4001 and 5/3-5018) 

          36-13-12    MARRIAGE LICENSE AND CIVIL UNION FEES.  For issuing each marriage and civil union license, the certificate thereof, and for recording the same, including the recording of the parent’s or guardian’s consent where indicated, Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00)(Ord. No. 2011-06; 05-20-11)

          The County Clerk shall charge and collect a Five Dollar ($5.00) fee to be added to the standard fee collected for each marriage license application issued in Union County.  The County Clerk shall transfer said fees collected to the Illinois State Treasurer in accordance with the Married Families Domestic Violence Act.  (Ord. No. 08-04; 05-19-08) 

          36-13-13    DOCUMENT STORAGE FEE.  The County Board does hereby provide for a charge of Four Dollars ($4.00) for filing every instrument, paper, or notice for record, (1) in order to defray the cost of converting the County Recorder’s document storage system to computers or micrographics and (2) in order to defray the cost of providing access to records through the global information system known as the Internet.

          (A)               Fund Established.  A special fund shall be set up by the Treasurer of the County and such funds collected pursuant to Public Act 83-1321 shall be used (1) for a document storage system to provide the equipment, materials and necessary expenses incurred to help defray the costs of implementing and maintaining such a document records system and (2) for a system to provide electronic access to those records.  (55 ILCS 5/3-5018) 

          36-13-14    VITAL RECORDS.

          (A)               Definition.  Vital records means records of births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, dissolution of marriages, and data-related thereto.

          (B)               Fee Established.  The County Clerk shall impose an additional Two Dollar ($2.00) charge for certified copies of vital records which are requested to be made by the County Clerk’s office.  The additional Two Dollar ($2.00) charge is to
be used for the sole purpose of defraying the costs of converting theCountyClerk’s document storage system for said vital records to computers or micrographics, and for maintaining system.

          (C)               Special Fund.  TheCountyTreasurer is hereby ordered to establish a special fund for deposit of the monies collected as a result of said additional charge.  The monies collected shall be placed in said special fund and shall be used solely to provide the equipment, material and necessary expenses incurred to help defray the cost of implementing and maintaining the County Clerk’s document storage system for vital records.

(See 55 ILCS 5/4-4001)

          36-13-15    GENERALLY.

          (A)               Basic Recording Fees.

                             UCC – 1        Financing Statement                                    $26.00

          UCC – 3        Continuation————————————– $26.00

          Amendment————————————– $26.00

          Assignment————————————— $26.00

          Release (partial)———————————- $26.00

          Termination————————————— $26.00

          (B)               Recording Fees.

          First four pages————————————————————— $40.00

Each additional                                                                   $1.00

          Legal size first four pages————————————————– $52.00

          Each additional legal size page———————————————- $1.00

          SUBDIVISION PLATS——————————————————– $56.00

Additional Lot  $1.00

          SURVEYS       —————————————————————- $40.00




          (C)               Additional Fees.

          CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE—————————————– $8.00

          Each Additional—————————————————————— $1.00

          CERTIFIED DEATH CERTIFICATE—————————————– $8.00

          Each Additional—————————————————————— $1.00

          COPIES         —————————————————————— $0.25

          (D)               The County Clerk shall impose an additional Two Dollar ($2.00) charge for certified copies of vital records as defined in Section 1 of the Vital Records Act, for the purpose of developing, maintaining, and improving technology in the office of the County Clerk.

          (E)               The County Clerk shall remit all monies collected pursuant to this Section to the Treasurer.

          (F)               All monies collected pursuant to subsection (D) of this Section shall be deposited in a special fund, known as the County Clerk Technology Fund, which fund shall be established by the Treasurer.  Such monies shall be used exclusively for developing, maintaining, and improving technology in the office of the County Clerk.

(Ord. No. 2010-18; 08-05-10)