36-6-1        FEE ESTABLISHED.  There is hereby established a Ten Dollar ($10.00) fee for every instrument, paper or notice filed for record in the Recorder’s Office.  Nine Dollars ($9.00) of the fee shall be deposited into the special fund established by the County Treasurer’s Office.  All these funds shall be used solely for equipment, materials and necessary expenses incurred in implementing and maintaining a Geographic Information System.  The Recorder may use the remaining One Dollar ($1.00) to defray the cost of implementing and maintaining the Geographic Information System.  (See 55 ILCS 5/3-5018)  (Resolution No. 2005-15) 

          36-6-2        EXEMPTION.  All Union County Government Offices shall be exempt from the GIS filing fees established by the Union County Board Resolution 2005-15 entitled Amending a Rate for Recorder of Deeds GIS Fund.  (#2005-22; 08-15-05)