36-14-1      FEES AND CHARGES.  The following fees and charges shall be collected by the Sheriff’s Office; to-wit:

          (A)               Body Attachment Order Service                                       $50.00

          (B)               Bond Processing Fee                                                        20.00

          (C)               Civil Paper Processing Fee                                                42.00

          (D)               Civil Paper Certified Mailings Fee                                       15.00

          (E)               Copies of Accident Reports                                                 5.00

          (F)               Copies of Incident Reports                                                  5.00

          (G)               Correctional Officers Training Academy Tuition                 569.00

          (H)               Deputy Sheriff Hourly Rate                                               45.00

          (I)                Eviction and Set-out Fees                                                  50.00

          (J)               Housing of Inmates – Daily Rate                                        54.00

          (K)               Mileage-Transports to/from State Institutions                         .35

          (L)               Real Estate Order of Judgment                                          50.00

          (M)              Process Service Fees as specified below

                    (1)     For taking special bail                                             50.00

                    (2)     For taking all bonds on legal process, civil and criminal      50.00

                    (3)     For serving or attempting to serve summons on each defendant                                                      45.00

                    (4)     For serving or attempting to serve an order or

Judgment granting injunctional relief                       45.00

                    (5)     For serving or attempting to serve each garnishee     45.00

                    (6)     For serving or attempting to serve an order for replevin   45.00

                    (7)     For serving or attempting to serve an order for

attachment on each defendant                                 45.00

                    (8)     For serving or attempting to serve a subpoena on

Each witness                                                          45.00

                    (9)     For serving or attempting to serve any other civil

court document not listed in this Section                   45.00

All monies collected pursuant to subsection (M)(1) and subsection (M)(2) of this Section shall be non-refundable and shall be in addition to the amount of bond ordered by the court.

The Sheriff shall remit all monies collected pursuant to this Article to the Treasurer.

(Ord. No. 2010-18; 08-05-10)

(This has been amended by Ord. No. 2012-24; 12-24-2012

(See 55 ILCS 5/4-5001)